Relationship with Isuzu and UD Trucks

Isuzu and UD Trucks are two of the famous brands for Japanese truck; Isuzu has second, and UD Trucks has forth share in the market.


These two companies seem to be different companies, but they are connected on the back.
Actually, UD Trucks has become the affiliated company with Isuzu group since December 2019 as Isuzu group has made a business strategic partnership with Volvo group. (Volvo has acquired UD trucks in 2006, so Isuzu group can be affiliated UD Trucks.)

While group connections are changed, did you know Isuzu is the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of UD Trucks?


Isuzu is manufacturing Condor as OEM products, and UD Trucks are selling them with UD brand.
If you see the model number of Condor, you will find it is very similar to the one of Isuzu Elf.
For example, If Condor is BKR66, and original vehicle of Isuzu is NKR66. Just the first letter is different.



Do you know whether Condor and Isuzu Elf have any differences?
Let’s compare two vehicle models!

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1) Model Number
As we talked above, model number is slightly different.


2) Engine Model
Engine model number descriptions are same between UD and Isuzu.


3) Engine Specification
The engine displacement is the same between ISUZU and UD.
(example) 4HF1 4,330 cc / 4HG1 4,570 cc

How is the performance of the engine?
NKR66E(4HF1)→ Horse Power: 123ps (90kW)/3100rpm    Torque: 30kg・m (294N・m)/1500rpm
BKR66E(4HF1)→ Horse Power: 110ps (81kW/3100rpm  Torque: 28kg・m (275.0N・m)/1500rpm

It has very few differences on horse power, but specification is almost same.

Source reference :

4) Engine Cover Name Tag

Engine model and specification are almost same, but just the brand name tag on the cylinder head covers are different.



2000 UD Trucks (NISSAN DIESEL) Condor KK-BKR66EA

We are discussing about OEM units between Isuzu and UD trucks, but there are also OEM units affiliated with other vehicle makers.


Here are some examples of OEM units;

FUSO Canter  → UD Trucks Kazet

NISSAN Atlas → UD Trucks Condor / ISUZU Elf

HINO Dutro → TOYOTA Dyna / TOYOTA Toyoace


There are many OEM vehicles other than above units.


OEM units tend to be set the prices cheaper than the original brand’s ones.
So if you are seeking the units with only brand names, why don’t you broaden your choice to OEM units as spec is almost same?
If you are worried about finding spare parts in your country, we can help you to find and arrange a shipment only for our suppling vehicles!